Category: Future of Medicine

Virtual Reality in Medicine

How VR could change medicine for patients, students, and doctors alike

The Unofficial Guide to Medicine Essay Contest

My submission to an international medical essay competition centered in the UK regarding cancer immunotherapy

Peripheral Vibrotactile Coordinated Reset Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

Brief summary of Stanford Graduate Student Johanna O'Day and her lab's research on peripheral vibrotactile coordinated reset stimulation

Harker Medical Club Speaker Events 2017-18

Recordings of Harker Medical Club speakers like Dr. Jefferson Bastidas, Dr. Eric Fung, Dr. Tarun Grover, Dr. Shahriar Heidary, and Dr. Jon Keller

Automation in Medicine

How automation in medicine could improve patient outcomes and replace traditional doctors

CRISPR Gene Editing

How CRISPR could revolutionize medicine by curing genetic conditions permanently

The Medical Mentors Interview

An informative interview with the founders of one of the biggest medical pages on Instagram