Stanford Med School Morning

Brief summary of presentations by Dr. Gibbs, Dr. Mahadevan, and Dr. Helms at Stanford Med School Morning

Peripheral Vibrotactile Coordinated Reset Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

Brief summary of Stanford Graduate Student Johanna O'Day and her lab's research on peripheral vibrotactile coordinated reset stimulation

Stanford Atrial Fibrillation CME Course

Brief summary of a Stanford CME Course regarding a cardiovascular disorder called Atrial Fibrillation

Harker Medical Club Speaker Events 2017-18

Recordings of Harker Medical Club speakers like Dr. Jefferson Bastidas, Dr. Eric Fung, Dr. Tarun Grover, Dr. Shahriar Heidary, and Dr. Jon Keller

Sunk Cost Fallacy in Medicine

How a cognitive bias (sunk cost fallacy) negatively impacts medical decisions

Automation in Medicine

How automation in medicine could improve patient outcomes and replace traditional doctors

Dartmouth Organ and Tissue Donation CME Course

Brief summary of a Dartmouth CME Course regarding the process of organ and tissue donation

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