Category: Medical Experiences

Sleep Medicine Part 1

Part 1 of the sleep medicine series focusing on the American Sleep Medicine "Make Time 2 Sleep" Video Contest

The Unofficial Guide to Medicine Essay Contest

My submission to an international medical essay competition centered in the UK regarding cancer immunotherapy

Shadowing an Internist

My experience shadowing Dr. Vijay Tiwari for 25 hours

Stanford Med School Morning

Brief summary of presentations by Dr. Gibbs, Dr. Mahadevan, and Dr. Helms at Stanford Med School Morning

Peripheral Vibrotactile Coordinated Reset Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

Brief summary of Stanford Graduate Student Johanna O'Day and her lab's research on peripheral vibrotactile coordinated reset stimulation

Internship with a Vascular Surgeon

My experience doing a 10 day internship at Medanta Hospital with Dr. Tarun Grover

Shadowing an Endocrinologist

My experience shadowing Dr. Nadia Hameed for 25 hours